The dog breed Beagle are scent hounds and is a striking hunter. Scenthounds are a type of hound that primarily hunts by scent (rather than sight).

Beagle is not substantially perspicacious in contrast to other dog breeds.

Beagle cause less challanges with shedding in contrast to other breeds. The Beagle's demands substantially little brushing.

Beagle is best for people with experience, as it can prove to be intricate to mold. The dog breed is proportionately less precarious in contrast to many other dog breeds. These creatures are very energetic and even long and demanding trips will not be a problem. The dog breed have a mediocre need for exercise.

The Beagle's are generally substantially genial by nature and will not behave aggressively towards uninvited persons. They are generally friendly with other dogs. These dogs are substantially friendly towards children and they are a striking choice for families with small children. These animals may reveal some predatory tendencies. They will instinctively bite while playing.

This dog breed tend to bark loudly and excessively. Beagles are howlers, and they will habitually howl like a wolf. It's understandable that some breeds howl like a wolf, as the domestic dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf. They do not thrive in substantially cold climates. This dog breed is known to be substantially playful. They instincively have a need to run away and explore the world. They are not substantially found of being home alone.

Original country: the Beagle breed was formed by breeders from England.

Class of Beagle: Beagle is acknowledged in the F.C.I. database. The dog breed is involved in the section «Scenthounds» (6.1) in the class «Scenthounds and Related Breeds». F.C.I. tag for beagle is 161 and was added to the database 1987-06-24. American Kennel Club groups the dog breed as «Hounds». United Kennel Club incorporates the dog breed as «Scenthounds» in their database. Canadian Kennel Club groups the dog breed as «Hounds».

Beagle Intricate health challanges: Regrettably, a select few may experience threatening health challanges. Beagle is a dog breed which is impaired by hip dysplasia. Canine hip dysplasia is the most studied veterinary disease in dogs. Eyelid problems is Regrettably a problem for this dog breed. The dog breed is more frequently plagued with epilepsy than other dog breeds. Many Beagle's will get eye problems or eye disease. Hypothyroidism is substantially common in these dogs. Additionally, health challanges is prominent health challanges in this breed.

The Beagle's physique: This is a medium sized dog breed. Male dogs get as tall as 14 to 16 inches tall. Female dogs can grow to 13 to 15 inches tall. Male dogs grow up to 22 to 25 pounds. Female dogs get 20 to 23 pounds. The dog breed have a high potential to get overweight if not exercised properly. The beagle has big suspended ears. The legs is generally proportionately short. The of mediocre length tail is hanging low. They have a mediocre-sized muzzle. The coat is short.

Colors of this dog breed is habitually any color, including black and tan, tri-color, red and white, lemon and white, or orange and white.

Other details about the beagle: Anticipated age for a beagle is 12 to 15 years. Number of pups is generally 2 to 14 puppies. The dog breed is famous and straightforward to find for sale. The beagle were originally bred for hunting rabbit, small game.

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Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle

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1st time dog owner/Beagle owner

I selected a beagle as my first dog to have as my own. It has been a lot of work but it has brought a lot of happiness to myself and my family!

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