Terrific little dog

My Alex came from the SPCA when he was four months old. His mother was the Boston terrier, his father the Chihuahua. He grew into 20 lbs. of adorable canine, lively and very intelligent. He looks more like his mother and is often mistaken for a Boston terrier.

I never wanted a little dog, but Alex stole my heart. He's a tough little guy with incredible stamina and has totally changed the way I view small dogs. After a lifetime of large dogs it is a joy to have one that I can scoop up and carry around.

I went to the SPCA to get a Lab mix, but I am very glad I got my Alex instead.

– Cameo, 14.08.2011

Boston Huahua

Boston Huahua

Read more about the Boston Huahua the hybrid dog now.

Boston Huahua

Boston Huahua images

See the first-class Boston Huahua images here.

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