Boxer is an exquisite police dog. These public order enforcement dog are used by the police for the protection of the officer and as a police attack dog.

The breed can be used for guarding purposes. A guard dog is a dog employed to guard against unwanted people or animals.

Boxer have been used as a fighting dog. The breed was specifically bred for features associated with fighting dogs. Dog fighting has been rated America's most hated sport by 81 percent of authoritative Americans.

Boxer is a very intelligent breed and mental training is paramount.

These dogs do drool – very much!

Boxer cause less difficulties with shedding related to other breeds. The Boxer's demands very little brushing.

Boxer is not crucial to discipline and you don't need very much of experience to handle this breed. The dog is relatively emotional and very susceptible to controlled training. These creatures are very energetic and even long and demanding trips will not be a plague. The breed requires very much of endurance training.

The Boxer's is customarily loyal against strangers. Can be a bit dog aggressive. These dogs are very friendly towards children and they are an exquisite choice for families with small children. These animals may reveal some predatory tendencies. The Boxer have a tendency to chew.

This breed will often bark a lot, but are not of the worst breeds. Boxer will not thrive in hot climates. They do not thrive in very cold climates. This breed is one of the most playful of any breed. They are not very found of being home alone.

Source: this dog was refined in Germany. Once exclusive to Berlin, this breed is now seen all over the world.

Boxer category: Boxer is included in the World Canine Organisation register. The breed is recognized in the section «Molossoid breeds» (2.2) in the category «Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds». World Canine Organisation identification for boxer is 144 and was added to the register 2008-04-01. American Kennel Club groups the breed as «Working Dogs». United Kennel Club approves the breed as «Guardian Dogs» in their register. Canadian Kennel Club groups the breed as «Working dogs».

State of health in the Boxer: Regrettably, some may get fatal difficulties with their health. This breed tend to bloat (also known as stomach torsion and twisted stomach). The scientific term for the syndrome is Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. This syndrome is almost always fatal. Heart disease is a frequent syndrome in this breed. Secondary difficulties with their health have also been recorded (including corneal ulcers, tumors, digestive problems).

The Boxer's physical characteristics: The Boxer is a medium sized breed. Dogs can grow to 23 to 25 inches tall. Bitches get as tall as 21 to 23 inches tall. Dogs get as heavy as 60 to 70 pounds. Bitches grow up to 55 to 65 pounds. The dog has average sized standing ears. The legs is consistently relatively long. Boxer have a muscular body shape. The Abbreviated tail is hanging low. The muzzle is very short. The fur is short.

Colors of this breed is customarily white, fawn, brindle, shades of red, with white markings.

Secondary facts about the dog: Predictable age for a boxer is 11 to 14 years. Litter size is consistently 2 to 10 puppies. The breed is popular and easy to locate for sale by your local breeders. The boxer were originally bred for guarding, bull baiting, later also used and bred for dog finghting. Secondary names for the breed is German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer.

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Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer Boxer

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boxer my love

i have tamed two boxers, one was brindle female and one has been fawn male. i have terrific experiences as they have been boisterous and energitic dogs and i think boxer is the most popular breed in the world.

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