Gun Dogs (Hunting Dogs)

Here are a complete list of purebred hunting dogs.


Sighthounds are hunting hounds and they are very well adapted for speed and visual acuity. These independent dogs typically spot game from a distance, stalk it, pursue the game and kill it neatly. They work fast and quiet.

Scent hounds

Scent hounds are hunting hounds and primarily use their scent when hunting. They trail and even kill game on command.


Retriever dogs are hunting gun dogs and help the hunter to find and return shot game. They respond well to commands by hand, verbal, and whistle.


Setters are hunting gun dogs and locate and point at upland game birds. Mostly used for bird hunting. They flush the birds to the hunter on his command.


Spaniels are hunting gun dogs and are used to locate and flush game for a hunter.


Pointers are hunting gun dogs and locate and point small game by “pointing” the direction where the game is. The hunter will then approach and kill the game.


Feists are hunting dogs and hunt small game such as squirrels. They often hunt in packs, and alert the hunters by “barking up” on trees. They are typically small dogs.


Curs are hunting dogs and hunt much like terriers, but usually larger prey. They have been used for hunting raccoon, cougars, boars, and other large animals.

Hunting Terriers

Hunting Terriers are hunting dogs and are used to hunt smaller animals such as foxes or rabbits. They assist the hunter (called terriermen) by locating the den and then they capture, or even kill the prey.

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