WTF Really

WTF is up with the photo of the dead dog no one coming to this site wants to see that shit and fuck you to the dumbass Neanderthal that thought it should be added. Also to the prick who said "the pics are truth and if you can't handle it go ahead and live a lie." well fuck I didn't know we had a bad ass in the room everyone watch out. Fucking key board warrior fuck you too. Get off you Damn high horse acting like you have intelligence you're just a smart ass and a waste of space and oxygen you think we don't know shit like this happens are you fucking stupid we just rather not see it. Btw I hope someone humanely puts your ass down you fucktard.

– Joe, 06.09.2014

Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog

Read more about the Greenland Dog the breed now.

Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog pictures

See the notable Greenland Dog pictures here.

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