My Jindo - Loki

Before I met my Jindo Dog, Loki, I had never even heard of this breed. Upon meeting him for the first time however, I knew he was meant for me and actually I was correct. He's extremely agile, intelligent, funny, loyal, and has a very gentle nature but never backs down if another dog tries to challenge or dominate him, he stands his ground without going on the attack. He kills bugs, mice, lizards and even adult birds. How he gets the birds is anyones guess, I just found him with a red breasted adult bird not an hour ago. Because of his intelligence, he can be extremely stubborn and doesn't always want to listen but patience and persistence works 100% of the time. He was about 2.5 months old when we adopted him and he housebroke himself within one week and has never had any accidents in the house once I realized that it wasn't the "potty pads" that he didn't want to use, it was that he didn't want to eliminate in the house AT ALL. He wasn't cold towards us, but it did take him several months to warm up to us but the longer we've had him (about 15 months now) the more loyal he's become. He's extremely aloof with strangers and will approach them to sniff them, but will not allow any stranger, except for a few females, to pet him at all. He just ducks away and has never been aggressive to any human or dog (as I mentioned, he will stand his ground if challenged by another dog, but strictly to let them know he won't be pushed around). We also have 3 adult cats and he's much better with them now, and only chases them if we don't give him enough exercise, otherwise he is able to coexist with them now and has even slept next to them occasionally (if the cats permit it!) He's definitely not for the novice dog owner and needs a firm but patient leader who is constant with his/her expectations and rules.

– Jen, 19.08.2012

Jindo Dog

Jindo Dog

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Jindo Dog

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