Adopted a Labrador Husky

I recently adopted a Labrador Husky and have since met several others who have them.

My own dog is wonderful, despite having been a stray in remote costal Labrador. He is affectionate, gentle, quiet and no trouble in the house at all. He very rarely barks - only if he is confronted by an aggressive dog on leash. He will make typical husky whine/howling noises when excited by something. He is also a very quick learner who is easy to train.

He gets along well with most other dogs (aside from unneutered males) and is fantastic with kids. His prey, however, drive is very high. He tried to eat my pet lizards and has chased squirrels and cats (always silently, no barking, growling, etc.).

The other owners I met also said their Labrador huskies made wonderful pets as well.

– labowner, 29.08.2011

Labrador Husky

Labrador Husky

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Labrador Husky

Labrador Husky pics

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