Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer is an extremely intelligent dog breed and mental training is mandatory.

They do not shed. The dogs do require a lot of grooming.

Miniature Schnauzer is not to guide and you don't need a lot of experience to handle this dog breed. Careful obedience training is mandatory as the Miniature Schnauzer is an extremely umbrageous dog breed. These creatures are very energetic and even long and demanding trips will not be a strain. The breed have a tolerable need for training.

The dogs is sometimes amicable against strangers. Tends to be fairly dog aggressive. They are children friendly and good with kids. The dogs sometimes display few signs of exaggerated predatory tendencies. The Miniature Schnauzer have a tendency to crunch.

This breed tend to bark loudly and excessively. They can handle freezing temperatures and can adapt to cold climates. Miniature Schnauzer puppies love to play, and the affection to play with you will persisit if you play with them every day. This breed regularly do not mind staying home alone for hours. They can live in a small apartment.

First bred in: comes from Germany. They are a common sigth in Berlin.

Miniature Schnauzer grouping: Miniature Schnauzer is included in the Federation Cynologique Internationale registry. The breed is recognized in the section «Pinscher and Schnauzer type» (2.1) in the grouping «Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds». Federation Cynologique Internationale label for miniature schnauzer is 183 and was added to the registry 2007-03-06. American Kennel Club classifies the breed as «Terriers». Canadian Kennel Club classifies the breed as «Terriers».

State of health in the Miniature Schnauzer: Unfortunately, any Miniature Schnauzer may obtain tough health issues. Cataract is an illness that affects the eye of the dog. A cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope. The dogs are affected by skin worriments. Heart disease is a frequent illness in this dog breed. Kidney illness is present in many dogs of this dog breed. They are affected by diabetes, a illness where the body does not produce enough, or properly respond to, insulin. Cysts may occur. They may have other health issues as well, including corneal disorders, kidney stones, bleeding disorders, liver disease.

The dogs shape:Miniature Schnauzers are regularly minuscule. Males gets as tall as 12 to 14 inches tall. Female dogs reach a hight of 12 to 14 inches tall. Males get as heavy as 11 to 20 pounds. Female dogs get as heavy as 11 to 20 pounds. The dog has mid-sized elevated ears. The feet is regularly of average length. The tail is Short and hanging low. They have a tolerable-sized muzzle. The fur is wireharied and they have a bearded face.

Colors of this dog breed is sometimes black, white , salt and pepper.

Subsidary info about the dog: The breed is beloved and easy to notice for sale in classified ads. The miniature schnauzer were originally bred for hunting vermin and farm work. Subsidary names for the breed is Zwergschnauzer.

Miniature Schnauzer stories

Smart and Protective

Maggie has been a watch dog for my sick husband and stayed by his side whenever he fell or went out of the house. She would sit in his truck with him when he hunted.

Great Companion

Mr. Duke came into my life at one of the lowest point of my life.

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