My baby

I have an eight month old lab cross. She is very beautiful and as smart as they come. We bought her in our home town of british columbia and absolutely adore her! Now of course we are trying to figure out what exactly sge is crossed with and i strongly believe it is in part Plot Hound! We were told by the gentleman selling her that she was from pure pitbull blood lines, lol. It was very obvious from the start that she was lab cross!!! I know my dogs :) She is incredibly smart (obviously from the lab side) and so energetic and has an incredibly loud bark. She only barks at certain things or at certain times which always make sense to me. For example when she wants my attention, she suspects there is someone or something outside, our other dog which is a jack russell growls at her, which she hates the most! It is mostly a reactive bark. She is mostly black, short haired with white tipped paws, small white hairs on chest and a small white beard. She does whine a lot however and requires a lot of attention. She needs contant reassurance that we are here with her! She is excellent with kids and dogs alike. Not so much with cats though lol. She learned all of her basics from myself by 3 months of age, just after one week of being home!! Which was amazing to me, she learned sit, stay, down, laydown, speak, shake a paw, high five, roll over and other such basics. Come has been our major issue in certain instances. But we are working on it :) She is the most affectionate dog i have ever met, she has joined into our pack beautifully and i couldn't have asked for a better dog. She has a bit of a chewing fetish which we are trying to curb at the moment. She is very needy attention wise which we are also workig on. But all in all i think she is just the best. She is my best friend and we will continue to learn together and enjoy every minute of it.

– celticgrl, 26.04.2012

Plott Hound

Plott Hound

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Plott Hound

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