Poodle are great companion dogs. They may be used simply as lap dogs.

Poodle is a number of the breeds with the highest intelligence. All quick-witted dogs needs mental challanges to thrive.

The breed is a hypoallergenic pedegree. They will cause only milder reactions to people with alelrgies. However, they are not completely non-allergenic animals. They do not shed. The dog breeds requires fair brushing and grooming.

Poodle is remarkably easy to train. Even for beginners it's not burdensome to teach this pedegree. The dog is rather easily affected and remarkably susceptible to dog training. These creatures are very energetic and even long and demanding trips will not be a strain. The breed have a fair need for workout.

The dog breeds may be a bit reserved, aloof and wary of unknown persons. They are usually friendly with other dogs. They are children friendly and good with kids. These animals may reveal some predatory tendencies. The Poodle do not instinctively nip, chew, and nibble.

This breed is one of the most playful of any pedegree. They love to be with the family, and rarely (if ever) try to escape. It is burdensome to keep this pedegree home alone – most Poodle's really hate it.

Country of origin: these dogs comes from France. These dogs are popular in local dog shows around Paris.

Poodle grouping: Poodle is approved in the Federation Cynologique Internationale catalog. The breed is acknowledged in the section «Poodle» (9.2) in the grouping «Companion and Toy Dogs». Federation Cynologique Internationale i.d. for poodle is 172 and was added to the catalog 2007-03-06. American Kennel Club categorizes the breed as «Toy Dogs». United Kennel Club involves the breed as «Companion Dogs» in their catalog. Canadian Kennel Club categorizes the breed as «Toys».

Health issues in the Poodle: Sadly, a lot may obtain significant health issues.

The dog breeds physical structure:Poodles are usually mini. The fur is of medium length.

Subsidary info about the dog: The breed is likable and no problem to notice for sale in classified ads. The poodle were originally bred for cold water retrieving and duck retrieving. This has subsidary names as well: Caniche.

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