My Little Mickey

I had gotten my Powderpap, Mickey, on St. Patricks day. He was a very pleasant suprise!

My mother and I were walking in the mall and we usually go to the pet store in our visits to go and see all the animals, though we had promised ourselves not to get any pets from any pet stores because they support puppy mills. That Thursday we had broken that promise.

My mother saw this little puppy who looked exactly like a Border Collie and wanted to better meet him, other than through the glass. We got to meet this little Border Collie looking boy in the back room and when my mother said he was a cute little Border Collie the lady at the store corrected her saying he was a PowderPap! We had no idea what that was, but this dog was so loving.

We took some pictures of this little boy and decided that we would talk to my dad about this dog, because when we put him back and we started to leave he started to cry and howl and dig at the window. When we got home to talk to my dad he decided that it was this little dog or my car. Well guess who will be biking to social events for a while? But I will do so proudly.

We brought this little boy home and when we first introduced him to our other dogs, a Shepeltie (Shepard&Sheltie cross) and a Labusky (Lab&Husky cross). At first he started to growl at them because he had never met big dogs before. After we let my Powderpap wander around on the ground he then started to chase and play with our dogs.

It was like he fit in perfectly. Like he had been in our family for years. The dogs all slept together all snuggled up and played endlessly. He also found my bed to be the best for night time, which had always been a dream of mine to have a dog sleeping on my bed with me at night. He was so trusting of us, and when he goes outside to do his business and go for our walks he walks right beside us, never going ahead or staying behind. When something frightens him, he would come and hide behind us and it has only been a few days.

He needed a name and we thought since he was brought into the family on St. Patties day we needed something that would sort of fit, plus something that suited him. Mickey. He was black and white like Mickey mouse and the name just clicked. After the first day he knew his name. Right now he is learning the whole 'sit', 'lay down' and housetraining routine. He is coming along great! He asked to go out this morning and went poop and pee! Plus he's only four months old!

He is really a great dog. My whole family loves him to death and we look forward to all the good times we shall have with him.

– Mickey, 20.03.2011



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Powderpap photos

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