My whippet

I bought a whippet female puppy in may (she was 2 months old). I had a dog before, but I've never had a puppy, so I had no experiences with puppy training. Well, the puppy I got was black - from racing line. I think, that racing whippets are not only faster, but also wilder than whippets bred for dogshows. In that time I wasn't really realizing all the challenges in front of me and how much patience I'm gonna need and also that the dog training is not only about training the dog, but much more about "training" myself. Before I bought her, I think, I read all the articles about whippets and taking care of a puppy, that I found and Watched all the videos on youtube and after that it became a reality. When we brought her home, I was very happy and excited about having a dog - a whippet - I was dreaming about that for a long time before. She was very good and calm on our 3-hours long journey home and she was sleeping most of the time. At home, she was curious and discovering everything new. I started loving her already in that time. She was getting used to new circumstances very fast and she was very friendly, palyful and clever. You could see plenty of life and energy in that small body, but there was also something that is very nice, but on the other hand something that you have to know how to deal with - her own mind or intention. In that case, the most important thing is to be "calm and assertive", as the professional dog trainer Ceasar Milan says. This dog is very snesitive, so it really has no effect when you're harsh or angry at him - this way, you just make him stressed, afraid of you and confused. If you want your whippet, to be your good and obedient companion, he has to see that, you are the master and you make the rules, don't let him to make the rules or not respect the rules. When you tell him something to do, make sure, that he does what you want him to do, for example when you give command "come here" make him also sit and stay until you tell him something like "leave" or "you are free". Sure, if you expect good results, you have to give your whippet what he needs, too. Whippets need to run (it makes them really happy), because they have a lot of energy and they need to put it out. They also need a good qulaity food and fresh water as every dog does. And you can't forget about love - whippets are good couch potatoes too, they love company and laying with you on sofa under the blanket is their favourite action. The trainig time seems to be long and difficult, but don't give up and don't feel hopeless you will get what you deserve. My Ammy is now 11 months old - still a crazy child - and now I see good results and it's still getting better. I really don't regret choosing a whippet and I wouldn't change her for any other dog. If you want a whippet, make sure, that you want it from right reasons, don't buy one just because you like the way it looks or it runs, but make sure, that the personality and temperament is suitable for you. I hope, you found this article useful and I'm sorry for my mistakes in english - I am not a native speaker nor a fluent speaker.

– izzy, 13.02.2011



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